All Qilin Candles are lovingly hand poured in Melborne, Australia using all – natural wooden and cotton wicks and Cocosoy wax.



  • All of our candles are supplied to you with the wick ready to light ie. it has already been trimmed. However, with ongoing burns we always recommend you trim (Candle Care Kit) your burnt cotton wick or just remove any burnt-part of the wooden wick, prior to re-lighting your candle.
  • With most wicks too, we also, recommend a longer initial burn time, to ensure the wax completely melts leaving no wax on the container inner walls, maintaining your candle burn-time of between 3-4 hours at a time.
  • To prevent any wax splatter, we always recommend using a candle snuffer (Candle Care Kit).
  • When lighting your candle,ensure it is on a stable,heat-resistant surface,avoiding any drafty areas or near flammable items like drapes, bedding, flammable decorations etc.
  • Never leave your candle unattended and always away from children or pets.
  • Several years ago, I was at the show with my boys, enjoying the carnival atmosphere and frequenting some of the stalls highlighting local craft. One of the stalls I stopped at had candles, that had Wooden Wicks, which at that time, I had never heard of. Once explained the virtues of the Wooden Wick, I decided to buy the candle. I burned the candle immediately when I got home, and the most frustrating thing I found with Wooden Wicks, was the wick kept burning out, I was even too scared to breathe around it!! Lol.So one of my goals, when producing Qilin Candles, was to find Wooden Wicks that would not burn out so easily, which we have as highlighted in the product description “The candle has a wooden wick that is treated with a clean, patented burning agent”! Thus giving you a candle that will burn without you having to constantly check if theres a flame.