All Qilin Candles are lovingly hand poured in Melborne, Australia using all – natural wooden and cotton wicks and Cocosoy wax.



Health & Prosperity

Qilin Candles

Qilin Candles is a Melbourne, Australia -based company owned and operated by our family. We create premium, all natural eco-friendly candles lovingly hand poured with cocosoy wax. We believe fragrance/candles are an extension of your home design, and our high-quality products come with accessible price points in mind. 

Qilin is an independent business that started as a 2 person operation in 2019 is now an entire team designing and producing our collection under one roof in Melbourne, Australia. As we grow, so does our commitment to sustainability, to our planet, and to our crew who makes it all happen.

Hand Poured With Love


The entire Qilin collection (except for the Gift Packs) is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free — always. All of our candles are made with 100% domestically-produced soy wax. While our production methods have improved over the years, something that hasn’t changed about Qilin Candles products is the people behind them. All of our products are produced, tested, packed and shipped by our team out of our warehouse in Melbourne Australia.