1) Coconut Shell Candles

Coconut Shell Candles

For those who love to add a little ambience to your surroundings, you’ll love our range of coconut shell Cocosoy wax candles. Perfectly made for pure relaxation and tranquility, these candles can make any space it lives in feel like home in just a matter of minutes.

Our candles are hand poured using Cocosoy wax containing your choice of fragrance, sustainable wooden wick and a durable coconut shell. They are multipurpose as it creates a soothing sensation and adds a charming aesthetical appeal to your home decor.

Because of the natural and raw ingredients produced in this range, you can burn the candles for hours on end (upto 55 hours), making them even more durable, money-saving item.

All our coconut shell candles are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, eco-friendly and vegan, ensuring that these products promote safety and sustainability practices. As a result, we’ve repurposed them and given them a new home to live in – yours!

The coconut shell scented candles have a large variety of fragrances including Very Vanilla, Apple & Mint, Lime/Lemon/Freesia, Egyptian Musk. Eucalyptus/Lemon Myrtle, Sandalwood, and many more choices to help you find the perfect aura for your home. Right away, you will feel at ease as these aromas ‘light’ up the entire room.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a long, busy day or make your guests feel cosy, you can rely on our product range here to positively shift everyone’s mood for the better.

To ensure your safety when using the coconut shell candles, we have treated all of our shells with a high-quality fire retardant.

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