Sandalwood Scent-Coconut-Shell Candle With Cocosoy Wax

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This eco-friendly coconut candle is AUSTRALIAN MADE.

Made from Superior CocoSoy,the candle has a beautiful and natural creamy soy finish and is formulated to retain a smooth and even surface, the coconut wax component gives it a showroom look. It is the first Cocosoy wax on the market, and provides a superb burn, incorporating a wonderful SANDALWOOD SCENT,and gives you a gorgeous candle, that provides value and ambience to your surroundings.

The candle has a wooden wick that is treated with a clean, patented burning agent and is all-natural, which burns like a natural crackling flame.

The coconut ‘shell’ which has a sanded flat-base has a minimum of 240g of wax , and can of course, be re-purposed to whatever your hearts desire, remembering that the inner side of the shell is coated with a fire-retardant (see our video in our Blog showing its fire-retarding properties).

Burn Time: Up to 55hrs. All Coconut “shells/containers” are never the same in size and colour, however, the wax content will be the constant, ensuring the similar burn time.

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Weight 240 g

1 review for Sandalwood Scent-Coconut-Shell Candle With Cocosoy Wax

  1. Manoj

    One of the best scents from a candle. I’ve had the pleasure of having one of these and my whole townhouse was filled with the spectacular sandalwood scent. The candle lasts for a very long time. I highly recommend getting one of these or any other candles for that matter!

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