Having beautiful candles in Australia can transform your atmosphere to create a calming ambience while enhancing your existing home décor.

It can also set the mood for a special night or simply provide a captivating aroma to further titillate your senses.

Beautiful candles are a form of aromatherapy that provide tremendous mental health benefits via the sense of smell, playing an important role in positively improving your mood and stress levels.

Great in assisting in meditative processes, our captivating scents provide an environment conducive to achieving a state of relaxation.

Here are some suggestions of fragrances from our incredible range of beautiful candles in Australia to suit every kind of situation to make your home feel oh so cosy.


The Sandalwood fragrance has a deep, woody scent, often categorised as a masculine fragrance. The fragrance of this beautiful candle is definitely one with no borders and is liked by all. Sandalwood heightens attraction and is a great way to spice up a romantic evening or date night. The other similar fragrance is Bergamot & Tobacco, where the attributes of Bergamot, a tart-yet-sweet scent combined with Tobacco provide a spicy edge.


Our Lavender fragrance has a delicate, soft floral scent that is the perfect tonic for your nerves, calms your mind, and returns joy and happiness to you and your surroundings. Lavender when used as a beautiful candle enhances a yoga session, massage experience, a soothing bath or any other wellness activity that unwinds your stressful day. A similar experience can be achieved with our Very Vanilla fragrance which evokes feelings of simplicity and purity.

Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle

If you prefer communing with nature and enjoying the wonderous flora of the Australian Bush, Eucalyptus & Lemon Myrtle is the scent for you. The citrus menthol scent of Lemon Myrtle partners well with Eucalyptus, which has a distinct camphoraceous smell as found in this beautiful candle, creating a relaxing mood, opening up your sinuses and allowing you to be at one with nature and your surroundings.

Orange & Bergamot

The citrus-based Orange & Bergamot creates a warm, welcoming scent in any home. Leaving a positive impression on those who smell this beautiful candle, it’s a winner when selling property or just re-balancing the aroma of your home This can also be achieved using Mandarin/Basil/Lime, which has the sweet, juicy, tangy notes of Mandarin & Lime coupled with minty undertones of Basil, creating a vibrantly positive fragrance.


If you are looking for a Gourmand fragrance, then Caramel is the appropriate choice. Having a rich, creamy buttery impression combined with a nutty note, it comforts and subdues cravings and once again calms the situation. The lushes, sweet, milky note of Coconut scent in this beautiful candle also promotes a similar effect.

French Pear

Another favourite is our French Pear. This variety derives its name from a French phrase meaning “Top of the Show”. It has a rich, juicy pear fragrance mixed with a hint of musk. The aroma of this beautiful candle permeates your home with a gorgeous, strikingly delicious smell that improves with every burn and fills your surroundings with joy and serenity.

Egyptian Musk

And finally, if you prefer a much stronger muskier scent, the beguiling and alluring Egyptian Musk is a must. It’s earthy, woody, and the pleasant aroma found in our beautiful candle selection can help with your stress levels creating a soothing and enriching atmosphere.

We hope you find some of our suggestions helpful in making your home cosy with our range of beautiful candles across Australia. Feel free to explore our products to transform your home into an oasis!

First Published 20 Sep 2022.