Reed Diffusers 200ml-5 Fragrance Varieties



Reed Diffusers are a new addition to the Qilin Candle range. The diffusers consist of porous reeds that soak up the Premium oil mixture. This diffuses the fragrance effectively throughout your home or work place and are Australian Made.

We use only natural products, which help give a further ambience to your surroundings. This will provide a wonderful, exquisite aroma that will encompass your home or work.

The diffusers contain our most popular fragrances. These fragrances are Apple/Fresh Mint, Bergamot/Tobacco, Lime/Lemon/Freesia, Mandarin/Basil/Lime and Very Vanilla. We can tailor-make a diffuser with our other fragrances of your choice. The intensity of the fragrance reach of your Reed Diffuser will depend on the amount of  reeds you use. Each box comes with 8 x 3mm reeds. Placing more reeds in the black glass jar, will get you a wider reach and fragrance intensity. Qilin Candles Premium Reed Diffusers have been created to spread its aroma within a small space like your powder room (between 2-4 reeds).

Or a large space like your lounge or kitchen/dining area (between 6-8 reeds). When you flip the reeds upside down to reverse the fluid flow, besides extending their usability, it will also, re-intensify the fragrance strength.

The black glass jar maintains the integrity of the fragrance, minimising exposure to sunlight, and provide longer use of your Reed Diffuser. The black glass jar also, comes with a stopper, for transporting your diffuser or if you decide to not use your diffuser on a daily basis. The screw cap (with a hole) helps you to place the reeds in the black glass jar.

All our products are always made with the purpose of recycling in mind.

As always, the glass jar and box can be re-purposed to whatever your heart’s desire.(Hint: the box will fit a wine bottle!)

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Apple & Fresh Mint, Bergamot Tobacco, Lime/Lemon/Freesia, Mandarin/Basil/Lime, Watermelon Lemonade


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