Several features should always be considered when buying and burning a candle most of all being the wax used in the candle. These features help produce a candle burning experience that is enrichening and beneficial to your well-being and surrounding ambience. Cocosoy Wax achieves this in many ways.

What is Cocosoy Wax?

Cocosoy Wax is a soy and coconut wax blend that is vegan, cruelty-free and phthalate-free, domestically produced in Australia. It is considered as one of the best and healthiest types of wax for making candles. It retains the beautiful creamy soy finish giving the finished wax that showroom gleam.

Why is Cocosoy Wax becoming more popular?

CocoSoy Wax maintains fantastic container adhesion and has anti-shrinking properties which makes it resistant to frosting and this ensures an even wall-to-wall burn pool (based on an initial burn of 3-4 hrs), this gives you a candle that will burn evenly and provide you with a lasting experience.

Cocosoy Wax is also, an odourless and colourless wax leaving you a candle that only produces the fragrance within the candle during the burn, giving you an unadulterated scent which doesn’t produce as much soot as the other types of wax.


Having a high fragrance tolerance and fantastic oil absorption characteristics results in Cocosoy Wax having an amazing hot and cold scent throw, which means the candle will give ‘off’ its scent in any kind of weather and maintain its fragrant qualities. These factors also, ensure value on your investment, as it provides a longer-lasting candle-burn for example, 240g of Cocosoy Wax burns for up to 55hrs.


Cocosoy Wax candles provide the best candle burning experience you can imagine and enables you to create an ambience that promotes your healthy well-being.

First Published 20 Oct 2022