One of the most frequently asked questions, is how do I choose the correct scented candle?

There are a wide variety of scented candles available on the market, ranging from factory produced ones to hand-poured scented candles, the main differences between these scented candles being the type of wax, wicks and quality of the fragrances used.

The main foundation of a scented candle starts with its wax and a good candle will not compromise on quality or being eco-friendly. Qilin Candles uses Cocosoy Wax, which is a high quality blend of Coconut and Soy Wax, that is vegan and phthalate-free which ultimately gives a cleaner and slower burning wax.

The other major factor of a good scented candle is the fragrance, ensuring that it has a wide-spread and remains fragrant to the last scented candle burn. Qilin Candles uses locally produced, high quality fragrances that have been tested to provide the above factors and also, create the atmosphere required in your household to create an indelible impression.

The final factor is type of wick used, which should be lead-free, safe, provide a consistent flame size and little to no carbon deposits. Qilin Candles use Wooden and Natural Cotton wicks which have all these attributes ensuring a longer candle burn that scatters the fragrance in the surrounding area.

Being a professional candle maker, Qilin Candles strives to produce a scented candle that offers all-natural Cocosoy Wax, high quality and wide-variety of fragrances and Natural wicks, all of which produce scented candles which are affordable and cost saving for most households.